image 13 image 192 image 260 image 271 image 249 image 282 -1st-Floor-Reception.jpg image 113 8.-AC-Deluxe-Room-(1).JPG 8.-AC-Deluxe-Room-(2).JPG 8.-Air-Condition-1st-Floor-Patients-Waiting-Hall.JPG 8.-Air-Condition-2nd-Floor-Patients-Waiting-Hall.JPG image 293 image 238 image 146 image 140 image 155 Micro incision Vitrectomy Surgery with Constellation Machine.jpg image 32 image 175 Central-Rural-Development-Minister-Shri Run-for-Vision-2013-Concluding-Ceremony.jpg Run-for-Vision-2013-with-Honbe-Jairam-Ramesh.jpg image 95 image 56 image 41 image 52 image 66 image 316 image 122 image 215 image 227 Run for Vision 2012 with Governor of Jharkhand.JPG Inauguration of Mega Hitech Childhood & Adult Cataract Surgery Camp in Saranda A former Maoists Bastion.jpg Concluding ceremony of Mega Hitech Childhood & Adult Cataract Surgery Camp - 2013.jpg

Best Eye Hospital in IndiaVACANCY for optometrists and quality officer email us at    ***चश्मे के माइनस पावर, प्लस पावर एवं सिलिंडर पावर घटाने की विश्व की सबसे नवीनतम एवं तीव्रतम Allegretto IQ Blue Line लासिक लेज़र मशीन की सुविधा उपलव्ध.......      ***सम्पर्क करें :- 09386523670, 07654794060, 09386503548.       ***अत्याधुनिक कांस्टेलेशन विट्रियेक्टोमी मशीन से अब आँखों के मरीजों को और बेहतर चिकित्सा सुविधा मिलेगी |मरीजों को बिना टांके के दर्द रहित चिकित्सा सुविधा मुहैया होगी और वे एक सप्ताह के भीतर अपने काम पर लौट सकेंगे |इस मशीन से 7500 प्रति सेकेंड कटर स्पीड से काम किया जाता है जो की पारंपरिक विट्रियेक्टोमी मशीन से करीब दोगुना अधिक है | अत्याधुनिक वाइड फिल्ड माइक्रोस्कोप से आँखों के भीतर सूक्ष्म दोषों को एक साथ बड़े पैमाने पर देखने में सयायता करती है ,जिससे ऑपरेशन के दौरान क्षतिग्रस्त उत्तकों को अच्छी तरह देखा जा सकता है |      ***सम्पर्क करें :- 09386523670, 07654794060,09386503545      ***Series of Mega Hi-tech Adult & Childhood cataract surgery camps in Naxal affected villages of Saranda & Saryu action plan has been completed in 2013 & Palamu Mega Hi-tech Adult & Childhood cataract surgery projects is going on..........    

Welcome To The Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital

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The Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital is one of the best eye hospital in India ,it is based on Ranchi, in the heart of the Jharkhand, it is always the endeavor to bring the best, safest and the latest technologies & advancements in the field of eye care to patients in this region of India. The continued faith, patronage and trust of patients in the region, nationally and internationally, have inspired the doctors of Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital to continue to push the limits of excellence and community service. It has earned the distinction to be the first and only institute in Jharkhand and near by states to start many surgical investigative and medical procedures.

The Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital is dedicated to quality eye care. Since foundation in 1966 in a smaller form it has provided best trained doctors in the region and access to the latest technology in the field of ophthalmology. With rapid advancements in electronics and optics, the field of ophthalmology has witnessed revolutionary changes over the last decade. Many diseases, hitherto considered not treatable, can now be treated with modern facilities to restore vision. Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital has kept pace with time to provide all modern facilities under one roof. The aim is to provide quality service that people expect and appreciate. The institute is known for the quality care and personal service provided to the patients under the most hygienic conditions.

The Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital has been keen on adopting most advanced treatment and diagnostic facilities developed in any part of the world. No wonders if the hospital has Substantially reduced dependability of the patients in the Eastern part of the Country on hospitals like Shankar Netralaya and other Tertiary care institutes Otherwise located far-off from here because of KASHYAP MEMORIAL EYE HOSPITAL’S latest technology and remarkable success rate. more...

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