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Ocular trauma treatments in ranchi

Ocular Trauma

Ocular Trauma is broadly used to describe any physical or chemical injury to the eye. Scratching of the eye is a common cause for ocular trauma, while exposure to toxic chemicals or a major trauma can cause more severe injury to the eye.

Ocular Trauma Symptoms

Symptoms may vary depending upon the nature of injury but may include pain or redness of eye along with difficulty in moving the eye. Vision loss along with pupil dilation are also common symptoms along with black eye, swelling or bleeding.

Ocular Trauma Treatment

Ocular trauma leading to globe rupture, corneal tear, scleral, lid injury or intraocular foreign body are managed on emergency basis.The first line of business is of course the removal of foreign bodies, if any. Flushing the eye can help ease discomfort as a measure of self- care, by removing toxins or foreign bodies.

24*7 emergency services available at Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital to take care of these kinds of trauma or chemical injuries.